Your Grace Finds Me

Matt Redman has a brand new worship album out called Your Grace Finds Me.

Like every one of his albums it is filled with songs that have amazing content.  Redman’s ability to take scripture and put it into song astounds me. The title track to the album is one such example as he describes the presence of God’s grace in many different aspects of life: from beginning of life in the newborn’s cry to the sunrise; from the wedding day to the graveside funeral; from the mountain top to the mundane; and from the rich to the poor. We are all deserving of God’s grace.

From the musical viewpoint Redman’s songs are pretty easy to play. They’re not complex or overly layered which makes them great for all types of churches to take a hold of them easily for worship times.

But… what I really like about what Redman’s team has done is put together Video Chord Charts for us guitar players. Here is the video chord chart for Your Grace Finds Me

does this songs say anything to do?

Worship Leaders/Guitar Players, enjoy!


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