I love how God can use anytime, anywhere, to remind us that He’s around. He’s providing for us, caring for us, and loving us. Today, God once again reminded me of this so I’ll share it with you.

I’m currently on vacation with my wife’s family, so my father-in-law and I decided to go play some golf. We both love to play whenever we get the chance, and what better chance than now. 

Anyway, I haven’t played in about 6 months up to this point so I wasn’t expecting to make any great shots but, on our fifth hole, I shot a birdie. Now those of you that don’t play much know this aint an easy thing to do. But somehow I managed to make a 10-15 yard chip for birdie on a par 3. Since this isn’t a common thing for me I didn’t know how to act. No celebration fist-pump or jump in the air kinda thing. Just in awe. 

As I was walking back to the cart after picking up the ball I looked down to clean my club, and right there in the middle of mud, grass, and sand were to pine needles shaped just like a perfect cross. I thought, “Huh, that’s cool,” cleaned off the club and kept walking.  In the middle of walking down a steep hill my father-in-law said something about walking gracefully. Just by him saying something about grace, and the cross pine needles on my club God was saying to me, “Hey, I’m here. Just wanted you to know.”

I love that God speaks in so many ways, reminding us of His presence. Reminding us that He is always around. His presence is everywhere, sometimes we just have to stop and realize it. Stop and notice Him. Yes, even on the golf course he can say to you…

“Hey, I’m here. Watching you. Protecting you. Loving you. Just wanted you to know.”


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