Clear 2012 – Week 5

Week 5 – Chicago, IL

This week has been our last up here in the windy city.  Once again, we had a tremendous enjoying time in the city and learning about how people live in different parts of the world.  I’m not sure I will ever want to live in a city this large, but I do enjoy visiting one on occasion.  

Throughout the week God has been revealing tons of stuff to me.  He has shown me I can do great things even when I think I can’t, just by letting him work through me in unlikely situations.  

This week most of us changed form working with our work team to the camp team.  For me this meant going out of a place where I was extremely comfortable, to a place where I was immensely uncomfortable, working directly with kids.  Gladly I was with the oldest group but it was still challenging.  

One of the most amazing things I saw was one of my teammates spontaneously jump into teaching our group about the narrow and wide gates to Heaven and Hell from Matthew 7.  This was definitely a Spirit led moment and we learned that even though most of the kids have grown up in a Christian school, hardly any of them had a personal relationship Jesus.  We later learned that another one of our teammates did the same thing with her class.  

These two instances, along with a tremendous amount of prayer from our entire team, helped lead to many conversations with our students throughout the week, but everything seemed to come to fruition on Friday morning.  Maybe it was because we knew it was the last day, but just about every one of our team members were sharing the Gospel with the kids.  I’m happy to tell you that the Spirit of God moved in mighty ways on July 6 of 2012.  We believe that five students from the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, IL came to know Jesus as their personal Savior.  

This in itself made our three weeks in Chicago absolutely worthwhile.  Five kids came to know the Lord!  I get super excited just typing that. For many more kids, genuine seeds were planted for a future harvest and that excites me for whoever has the chance to see that harvest.  I personally had the chance to show one student that once he is in God’s hand, no one can take him out of it.  

So as a close to our three weeks in Chicago, we were able to see God do some amazing work in our lives and the students lives.  We are a little sad to say goodbye to the windy city, but we are thrilled to be headed back to Shreveport and spend some time working at home for a week.  

See you next week,


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