Clear 2012 – Week 2

Week 2 – Camp Bethany

Week 2 was our first camp of the summer, and my first real camp experience with Clear.  Originally my team was supposed to be in Pittsburg, TX doing a VBS however the church needed to change the dates.  Our next plan was to go do to Kenner, LA and help a church renovate some different areas but once again, God had different plans.  

So we found ourselves working with another team at Camp Bethany in Bethany, LA.  We were able to join right in with the other Bible study leaders and support staff which was pretty magnificent.  Like always, I jumped in on the production side of things which meant setting up and helping run staging, audio, lighting, and video.

God showed me something really fascinating about myself during this week, and I’ll tell you how it happened.  Warren, Clear’s director, asked me after the first day to train other people in using ProPresenter, our presentation program.  I was a little hesitant on the inside but did it anyway.  After trying my best to teach the first person I felt a little better about it, so I got a couple more.  During this process God showed me that I can teach and reproduce the knowledge that’s in my head, and pass it onto others.  I gained a great deal of confidence in this area over the course of the week.  

I was also able to teach the production leader on the second team a few things throughout the week.  It was completely refreshing for me to work with people that possesses a desire to learn.  I am looking forward to teaching others as the summer progresses.  

So while all of the teaching stuff is good, God also showed me at Bethany that I hide behind production equipment.  Why?  Because I fear the rejection of others.  I am insecure and unconfident in many areas of my life.  What’s really interesting about me though, is that I hide all of this very well.  I put on my mask and act a certain way but have many many internal battles.  Though I am learning that I need find my security in Christ alone.  This is a really new step as it’s uncharted ground for me but I’m really enjoying it.

During the week at Bethany, we saw 13 pre-teens come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.  This alone is what Clear is about.  Investing in people and leading them to Jesus.  

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