Book Review: When Work and Family Collide

Well, if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a fan of the material Andy Stanley and his team at North Point produce.  They consistently use their worldwide platform to introduce transformational biblical principles into our lives.  

I had the opportunity to read Andy Stanley’s book When Work & Family Collide.  Even though this is a short book at only 133 pages, it is packed full of good useful information to help us prioritize our families over our jobs.  It took me only two days to completely read this book and my copy is just about fully marked up with highlighter and notes.  
What I love about this book the most was that he uses examples of real life people that he personally knows.  The principles in this book can apply to men, women, professionals, ministers, stay-at-home parents, self-employed and obsessed hobbyist but, it also applies to ME and to YOU.  
In it’s simplest form, this book is about priorities and discipline.  Our priorities are simply what we give our time to.  When we give more of that time to our jobs than our families, our families tend to feel taken advantage of, or like the don’t matter to us anymore.  Andy helps us learn the difference between saying our family is a priority, and literally making them a priority.  He also shows how to be disciplined in choosing to make our spouses and children priorities.  
I received a free copy of Andy Stanley’s book When Work and Family Collide from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers to review. If you would like a copy of this book I suggest buying it from

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