Power in the small things

So while my wife and I have been living with her sister here in the lovely Shreveport area we were given the option to help out with some landscaping around the house.  Since they have been so generous as to let us stay with them without really asking for anything in return we had no problem helping out.  (I must say, before I get in trouble,  that my wife is the one who has been doing most of the work!)  But anyway… 

We got to a point a couple of weeks ago where we needed to cut down a bunch of old, dead bushes so I borrowed a chainsaw from good ole Dad.  Well when I went to get the saw, I thought I was getting the big one, you know, the big Stihl Farm Boss.  But instead he gave the his smaller chainsaw.  Now I actually forgot about this one because as a guy, I like power tools to be big and loud! Needless to say, when I opened the case I was a little disappointed.

After getting started cutting and chopping down bushes, vines, and trees, I was really amazed at the usefulness and power of this small saw.  See, had he given me the big powerful one, it would have been overly heavy and difficult to maneuver in the small places I needed to be.  The little one wound up being perfect for the job at hand.  

When I finished cutting I stopped and looked at everything laying on the ground and in that quick moment God reminded me of the parable of the mustard seed from Matthew 13:31-32.  In this parable Jesus says, “… The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.  Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.” Here’s a couple of pictures.

This is great because Jesus is telling us that he can use the smallest of things, and make really big things.  I mean think about it, the first thing we know about God was that he created everything out of nothing.  It should be no surprise that he can use the small things to make big things.  

All this makes me think, what are the small things in my life that have grown into big things?  Are all of these things truth, or lies?  Yes, the devil can speak little bitty lies into our lives that have the power to send us down a path filled with bigger lies that we never would have believed without that first, very small lie.  What starts out as a small white lie or half truth can turn into a massive destructive force in our lives.  

But what about the things God has done in our lives? What are the small steps you’ve taken in faith that have led you down a path you never would have imagined?  I’m sure that looking back you can see exactly how God worked in your life.  At least I know I can.  I can see exactly where he worked in my life to get me where I am today.  


Don’t get me wrong though, I mess up all the time.  I usually don’t include God in the small decisions of life.  I forget this principle: small things will grow into big things.  Nevertheless, I’m on a journey to include God in every arena of my life, even in the smallest of thoughts and decisions.  



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