Build Your Own Clone

Ok, so maybe the title got your attention or maybe it didn’t.  Anyway, this post is about a website I found that sells kits for one to build a clone of a popular guitar effect.  Well, since I like to play around with electronic stuff I really wanted to give this a try, so I bought a clone of a popular distortion pedal.  The company said this was their easiest pedal to assemble but the real reason I got it was the fact that it was the cheapest!

I had a lot of fun putting it together over the course of a couple of days and it turned out to work pretty nicely.  It’s also something that I will most likely use in my pedal chain, maybe not what it was designed for, but what would work best for me, a boost pedal.  Below are some pictures of the progress.  I hope to be able to get some audio/video clips soon so you can hear the magic!

Here’s the kit all together straight out of the box
Work station.  Notice the necessities, Dr.Pepper and the MacBook

Circuit board assembled.

Insides assembled

Outside view.

Guts fully assembled.

Final.  One of the changes I made that you won’t normally see in guitar effects is the green LED.  I had a few extra from an old project and figured I give it a little bit of a different color.  It works nicely. 

If you would like to get your own clone, go to They have tons of great guitar effects to build for any guitar enthusiast.


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