Book Review: Radical Together

In Radical, David Platt called for Christians to take their faith back from the American Dream. This widely resonated with readers and the book quickly became a best seller on the New York Times best seller list. Now in Radical Together, Platt is once again calling Christians to focus their faith around the Gospel, and live out a Gospel-centered life. 

At first this book looks like an easy, light read, being only about 150 pages long. However the content is extremely heavy as Platt is showing us how there is a spiritual revolution happening right now, and WE can be on the front lines.  Platt shares, “the only reason I have heard the Gospel of God is because of the grace of God.  Meanwhile, nearly two billion people still do not have access to the Gospel. For generations they and their ancestors have been born, have lived, and have died without even hearing the name of Jesus.”

While Platt’s challenge to us all is a good enough reason to read this book, many of the stories he shares make this book absolutely spectacular. Platt shows us how the staff at Brook Hills (the church he pastors) competed with each other to cut major portions of their budgets so they could use that money to spread the Gospel around the world.  We learn of Darren and Julia who are able to see Christ transforming lives as they “serve in a residential facility that provides shelter and rehabilitation for women.” We learn of Dominic who has a passion to not only lead people to Christ, but to disciple and help them grow in Christ. We also learn of Jacob and Stephanie, who instead of buying a bigger house, decided to adopt a child with Down syndrome and buy a smaller home, which would allow them to free up resources for God’s purposes. This book is full of stories such as these mixed with Platt’s knowledge of the Bible. It is truly an eye-opening experience. 

I would definitely recommend this book for you to read. Just be ready to rethink the way we “do” church here in America. I, received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers to review, however this did not persuade me in way I read this book. If you would like a copy of this book I suggest getting it here.

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