Summer So Far

well it’s been a couple of months since I last posted.  the major reason is that I was in the middle of finishing my master’s degree at NOBTS.  now I’m just taking some time to relax and refocus.  maybe in the future i’ll get better at writing consistently.  or maybe blog posting isn’t my greatest thing but hey, I try.

anyway, here are some things I’ve been dabbling in this summer…

amp repair – so far hasn’t gone that well.  changed some dirty knobs but somehow fried some resistors in the process.  so needless to say, my old marshall amp works less than it did when I started.

piano – I started playing around on the keys a little at the beginning of the year to play the song Awakening at riverside.  now I’m wanting to expand that little bit of knowledge to play some other random things here and there.

reading – I think I’ve read through four Ted Dekker novels since mid-May.  crazy for me since I used to not like reading at all!

web presence – I’m also in the middle of learning how to administer our churches website.  I already admin the facebook/ twitter accounts so this seems like a good fit.
so here’s my little plug for riverside’s social media. like us on facebook here. follow us on twitter here.

oh, and don’t forget the website here.

video editing – had to do a little of this for school but this week I’m going to attempt to produce a VBS highlight video for out Sunday Morning Worship gathering at Riverside.  my little brother may be getting a call later to help me out with some ideas.

anyway, that’s my summer so far.
peace out



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