Crazy Day

Well, today was a crazy day.  God once again reminded me that he is in control.

Today a good friend of mine lost his dad unexpectedly in a car accident.  I’ll leave out the details as I don’t know if he really wants his family business all over the internet. But it’s just a reminder that we have absolutely no control over lives.

But in the midst of this, I was able to fill in for my friend at church tonight speaking to our youth group.  What’s really crazy, is that I basically used my blog post from last night, something I didn’t even intend to write in the first place.  It goes to show that God knows what he is doing.

Not being the best speaker, or even being close to prepared to lead a youth group message, I was able to use the insights God showed me last night with the youth group.  Whether the kids understood what I was talking about I have no idea, but I really hope so.  At least they seemed engaged.

So through this God once again showed me that he is completely in control.  He’s using things I’m learning in my personal devotions and to teach to others.  He also reminded me that we should tell our family that we love them more often.


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