Rambling #1

well hello again blogging world. it’s been a while since i’ve been around here. i have so much to say and not enough time to type it. why you ask? because right now most of my time is going to school work. while it’s a lot of work, i do usually enjoy what i’m learning once the semesters are over. that’s usually when it actually starts to sink in.

as of right now, i have tons of reading to do each week, about 10 papers to write, and 5 other projects all due throughout the semester. but … the plus side is … i’m supposed to graduate with a Master’s degree in may, so i’m actually pretty excited.

i would say one of the biggest positives of one class is that i’m going to read through the entire new testament for the semester. i’ve read most of it before, but not all of it, and definitely not in such a short time frame. i just hope i can retain some information along the way.

anyway, this week’s reading: The Gospel of Mark. 16 chapters in 5 days. i started on monday and got through 13 so far. maybe i’ll finish it tomorrow… oh and on top of that, my wife and i are reading through the bible together this year. yup, the whole thing. this is going to be an exciting year. i’ll put up some details about this later.

well, this is truly one of my rambling posts. more of a stream of conscious thing. maybe because it’s 11:00 at night. well i’m out.



2 thoughts on “Rambling #1

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  1. How is the reading through the Bible going with Bethany? Do y'all read it together or just keep each other accountable? Either way, it's a hard task, especially with everything else y'all have going on. I am proud of you. Keep it up. Praying for y'all and love you both.

  2. the Bible reading is going really good. no, we don't read together b/c i'm a morning reader and she's mostly a night reader. we mostly hold each other accountable and discuss it pretty often.

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