last week i had a very interesting awakening. see, over the past two years i’ve been living on the campus of the school i attend. since this is a baptist seminary, it is considered a ‘safe’ place to live and i have often said that i live in a bubble. well as i said earlier, i had an interesting awakening.

my wife and i were going to attend a concert with her older sister and boyfriend at a well known establishment in New Orleans called the House of Blues. i love music and i’m no stranger to concerts, but this was different, my first time in the legendary House of Blues. i was actually excited even though i knew little about the band we were going to see. we had seen them open for another band before but that was all i knew.

the sad part is, i was turned off almost immediately when the DJ from the radio station hosting the event began speaking. he was using explicative language i haven’t heard used so proudly in a long time. this continued on with the bands we were there to see. while the music and artistry of the band was astounding, i couldn’t get mind mind off the language being used.

after the concert, as we were riding home, my wife and i started discussing how we liked the event. i explained my disappointments and turnoffs about it to her. after asking some probing questions, those that get to the reasons behind the emotions, she asked me, “why do you expect non-christians to act like christians? why do you expect them to have to same morals and values as you and i?”

those questions sort-of blew me back. i was ‘awakened’ to something that night. as i said earlier, i live at the school i attend and feel that i live in a bubble. while the education is great, i live in a world surrounded by others that hold the same basic moral values that i do. it’s a ‘safe’ world.

through this event, and preparation for last sunday’s worship service, i came to realize that i was becoming unaccepting of others. i was viewing myself as better than those we christians called ‘unsaved’ or ‘unchurched.’ Jesus said, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Mark 2:17.

these events showed me that i need to get out of my bubble. i need to be in the real world, showing the love of christ to all.


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  1. Nice post bro. Glad to see your growing! It is hard to not get caged in by your bubble. Mine is my work environment. Granted, its on the opposite end of the one your in, lol. But its hard to not let our daily surroundings effect our pursuit of Christ and how we view the world around us.

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