the beginning

so, hello blogging world. i have been on facebook for a long time and twitter is now a new thing, but i’ve never thought about blogging.  but lately i’ve been hanging around people who blog so i thought i would give it a try.

since i really have no idea where to start i guess i give you a little bit of info about me.

first and foremost, i’m a christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, not just your typical american church attender. i believe that following Jesus is a 24/7, 365 thing, not just something that takes place on Sunday mornings.

second, i am a musician.  i like all types of music but my favorite is classic southern rock.  i play guitar.  maybe one day i’ll post some pics of my guitars and amp rig.

where following Christ and being a musician meet, is my job.  i am called to be a worship leader in the local church.  currently, i am leading at a great church in the new orleans area called riverside church. i love the people and i know that i’ll be here for a while.

last, but surely not least, is that i have the most wonderful wife a guy could ask for. we got married this past july after dating for 3 1/2 years.

ok, well since i don’t really know how to start a blog post or how to end it, i guess now is the time i’ll say goodbye,

see ya next time.


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