How To Fast

We recently received a question through our website at The Bridge Church and I thought I'd share my answer there, with all of you. Here it is... How do I fast? What do I do in fasting? First, that’s a really great question! Thanks for asking it. I’ll try to make this brief and an... Continue Reading →


600% Growth

How to grow a church by 600%.

I recently entered a phase of life I honestly never thought I'd be in. I took on a title, that until recently, I never wanted.... Dad. I'm loving (mostly) ever minute of it. Becoming a dad for the first time has truly changed my life - in ways I expected, and ways I didn't. I've... Continue Reading →

I’m not gonna lie. Some Sundays, doing my job is hard. It can be a multitude of things really. Setup goes slow Morale of the team is down Technology doesn’t work properly It seems like everyone is sick but in reality it’s only one person It’s a rainy day and attendance is down 20-30%. (When... Continue Reading →

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